Nippon Villa along with its staff is ready to facilitate you from the very moment you step on Sri Lanka. We have a comfortable service to pick you at the air port and to the moment you depart from Sri Lanka. Since it is situated just one kilometer away from the Hikkaduwa town, you are away from the crowd and the busy environment. Once you are step out of your room you are on the beach on side that lets you... swim. Dive, fish surf or just to relax. On the other side it faces the Galle- Colombo main Highway... easy access to travelling... or if you want we are ready to arrange tours round the country. Our jewelry shop gives you an opportunity to see some Sri Lankan gems and if you need you can buy a gift for your loved ones.


When talking about the facilities, we can guarantee that you provide you with top class facilities especially we are proud to say that we have the most beautiful and most attractive Bar in Hikkaduwa. Our bar is well stocked and it enables you to get your favourite drinks and the space that allows you to move freely and leisurely is the specialty that you can see in our Villa.

Roti shop and Restaurant

Facing the road you can see the other unique lobby. It is our Roti Shop. All types of Indian Sri Lankan Roties can be tasted here. Our well experienced chefs are ready to provide you with these mouth watering dishes. We are ready to supply you with Eastern, Western, Indian or Sri Lanka cuisine. The restaurant is so spacious that 40 visitors can take their meals at a time. Or if you prefer you can dine outside the restaurant...... What about on the beach..? Or do you like to dine near the pool…..? The decision is yours.....Our staff is ready to serve you. Feeling the cool sea wind on your body and tasting the delicious meal with your loved ones...!! Can you imagine the real feeling ? Yes... It’s better you feel it yourself at Nippon Villa, Hikkaduwa.